Tactical Walls Introduces RFID Locking Models

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Tactical Walls has expanded its home firearms storage product line to include RFID locking models, making access quicker and easier than ever.

The new RFID models permit even greater security as well as quicker and easier accessibility in home defense scenarios.

Well known for its “hidden in plain sight” philosophy of home firearms storage, Tactical Walls has become a serious innovator in the category of secure storage with products that look like normal pieces of home decor but actually securely house firearms and accessories. Now, the company has added RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locking models to its lineup.

The RFID models will afford users even greater security as well as quicker and easier accessibility, a crucial element in any good home defense strategy. The RFID locking mechanism will be available as an optional alternative to Tactical Walls’ existing magnetic locking system on the following models:

  • 1450M Bundle – MSRP’s range $630-760
  • 1420M Bundle – MSRP’s range $500-660
  • 825 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) – MSRP’s range $435-495
  • 812 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS) – MSRP’s range $219-349
A simple swipe of the preset RFID card opens the unit for easy access. A “Tattle Tale” feature alerts the user when the device is left open.
Tactical Walls products really are “hidden in plain sight,” disguised as everyday home decor products like mirrors, shelves and much more.

Each unit will include two standard key cards and one programming card for matching the key to the proper unit; however, more RFID cards can also be ordered. One key card can be programmed to access multiple units for firearms staged throughout the home, and multiple cards can also be programmed to open a single device to provide access for additional family members. Once programmed, swiping the RFID card in front of the locking mechanism is all that’s needed to access firearms.

RFID models also come standard with a programmable “Tattle Tale” function that—when turned on—begins beeping if the device has been left open for a certain period of time. This feature, which can be disabled if preferred, alerts users and helps prevent unwanted access to firearms. In the event that the RFID locking mechanism’s battery does run out, the unit defaults to being unlocked but closed.

Tim Matter, founder of Tactical Walls, said, “The addition of the RFID locks to our line-up is a key step in the direction this company is going. We aim to be the leader in home firearms storage by offering a wide variety of options for firearms owners to safely store their guns out of sight. The new RFID models, combined with a growing selection of finish and trim options, give our customers a greater level of customization to how they want their Tactical Walls concealment system to look and function.”

Pricing on the new RFID models ranges from $219 to $760 depending on model and choice of trim and finish options.

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