Hornady Expands Ammunition Lines For 2023

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Hornady has just announced several new and expanded ammunition lines for 2023, ranging from 7.62x39mm subsonics to the company’s new 7mm PRC cartridge.

Whether your goal is long-range precision or maximum effect on target, Hornady makes some of the best ammo out there. Now the company has announced expansions to several of its existing ammunition lines, including three loads for the new 7mm PRC cartridge.

7mm PRC

Described by Hornady as something designed to fill the gap between 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC, the new 7mm PRC cartridge can launch 160- to 180-grain bullets at 3,000 fps. PRC stands for “Precision Rifle Cartridge,” and Hornady calls 7mm PRC the “first truly modern 7mm magnum cartridge.” Its qualities make it poised to become very popular with long-range shooters and hunters alike, and as a bonus, the new cartridge can be fired out of a 7mm Rem. Mag. or 300 Win. Mag. rifle with nothing more than a barrel swap.

Hornady will be initially offerring 7mm PRC as a 160-grain CX Outfitter load, a 175-grain ELD-X Precision Hunter load and a 180-grain ELD Match load.



Outfitter is Hornady’s line of rugged, watertight ammunition that’s designed to survive rough conditions on backcountry hunts. The line already featured a wide variety of calibers and bullet weights, but three more have just been added. Skipping over the aforementioned 7mm PRC, the Outfitter line now also includes a 150-grain load for both .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. These two cartridges were only previously available with 165- and 180-grain loads, respectively. All ammunition in the Outfitter line is loaded with Hornady’s monolithic copper, expanding CX bullets.



Like the Outfitter line, Hornady also expanded the number of Superformance offerings by adding 150-grain CX loads of both .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield. Unlike the Outfitter line, the Superformance line is instead designed to provide your ammo with a boost in muzzle velocity without increased chamber pressure or recoil. The line also now features a 50-grain CX load of .223 Remington.


Critical Defense

Hornady’s famous Critical Defense line of self-defense ammo received some love too, now featuring the new 30 Super Carry cartridge. It’s loaded with a 100-grain FTX handgun bullet and has an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,250 fps. Marketed as the newest cartridge for concealed carry, it’s a good sign for 30 SC’s longevity that it’s now available in Hornady’s top defensive ammo line.


Handgun Hunter

This ammunition line, obviously designed for handgun hunting, is only receiving a single new addition. It is, however, a very big one—500 S&W Magnum. Loaded with a 300-grain Monoflex bullet, this is now the heaviest option in the lineup. For those with an affinity for hand cannons, this will provide them with a very powerful new choice.


Hornady BLACK

The Hornady BLACK line is designed for optimal performance from America’s favorite firearms, which is why the line’s newest caliber is a bit surprising—4.6x30mm. While there may not be an abundance of guns chambered for the cartridge, there are some out there, and shooters will now have a very reliable Hornady BLACK load to choose from as well. It’s loaded with a 38-grain V-Max bullet.



The final addition to Hornady’s 2023 ammunition expansion is to the Subsonic line, now featuring a 255-grain Sub-X 7.62x39mm load. This is excellent news for anyone who enjoyed shooting this caliber suppressed, as the Russian ammo ban has ensured that subsonic Brown Bear ammo will soon disappear from American store shelves forever. Predicting a sizable void in the market in need of filling, Hornady wasted no time in producing an alternative. The only thing that could make this new option any better would be if it can cycle suppressed Kalashnikovs more reliably than previously available loads.

Hornady-762×39-Subsonic, 7mm prc cartridge

For more information, please visit hornady.com.

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