Joseph Thomson

Best 10mm Pistol Options (2023)

Since its introduction, the 10mm Auto has been putting magnum power into semi-auto pistols. In recent years, it’s had a bit of a resurgence in popularity. What are seven dependable 10mm Auto pistols for hunting, defense and target shooting? My introduction to the 10mm Auto came in the fall of 2014. I wanted to try […]

Capture the Wild: Top 10 Trail Cameras [2023]

If you’re wanting to monitor whitetails and other wildlife, and want an easy way to get clear pictures and videos, check out these new trail cameras for 2023. 1. Browning Defender Pro Scout MAX Extreme  The 2023 Browning Defender Pro Scout MAX Extreme cellular trail camera delivers around-the-clock, high-end performance. Equipped with Browning’s innovative Dual […]